RL vs. SL

If you were to see me in Real Life (RL or iRL) you’d see me in eyeglasses. Not by my choice. They are always dirty, sliding down my nose, and just a plain nuisance. When I got a driving learner’s permit I was told my eyes were good enough to not wear glasses. When I got my passport I was told to wear them for the picture if I have them even if I don’t need them for seeing everything.

So why do I wear eyeglasses in Second Life™(SL)? Well, these free Lloyd glasses from PrimOptics are rather cool. er … no, that can’t be it as I usually wear another style. In fact, a rather plain pair is in my Quick Me folder, the one I drag onto my name tag when I need to get back to a basic avatar or set of clothes (skin, hair, eyes, shape, clothes, accessories).

Really, I’m not sure. Maybe it will be a passing but recurring faze like when I was a lioness for a month or when I was a neko for many, many months. Recurring as I’ve worn eyeglasses in SL before as a standard item then stopped for some time.

Certainly I see well enough in SL though using SL has hurt my RL eyesight. And that might have been the trigger. I started again wearing eyeglasses in SL as standard fare when I started wearing them iRL. What this means I don’t know. It can’t be vanity. Otherwise I would have expanded my waist and tummy in SL when it did iRL.

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